Gaby Charbachy


The Journey of Gaby Charbachy started in 2002, when the Lebanese born designer opened in first atelier, influenced by his cultural background, his cosmopolitan upbringing and his innate love for fashion as a form of expression.

He started realizing his clientele’s dreams by creating fantasy red carpet evening gowns, fairy tale wedding dresses, and high-end cocktailattire.
Gaby Charbachy’ s designs are addressed to a modern, fashion-oriented woman who enjoys stepping outside the traditional limits. Characterised by technically challenging cuts and attention to details, his dresses are very daring yet feminine.

In 2014, the Gaby Charbachy brand started launching during the Paris Fashion Week and in several fashion capitals around the world including New York, Milan and Barcelona. It is currently represented in selected prestigious boutiques in over 30 countries worldwide, from North to South America,Europe, the Middle East and Asia. This international spread gives the brand an international zest, as it appeals to women from various cultural and ethnicbackgrounds.

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